What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a technique used to lighten hair by using a free hand, open-air method. It is the most gentle way to lighten your hair. Balayage was created In the '70s in France, the word means "to sweep". Balayage leaves you with natural-looking, sun-kissed hair. It helps to add brightness and dimension.

Can you say YES to these questions? 

  • Do you love or like your natural hair color?
  • Do you like vanilla, beige, oatmeal, california blonde tones?
  • Do you like the look of sun-kissed hair?
  • Do you like to see dimension within your hair?
  • Do you like low-maintenance color?

If you said YES...

To 3 or more to the questions above, then Balayage is perfect for you!

Balayage is my favorite thing to do in the salon because it enhances your natural color, it has a more seamless grow out (no harsh foil lines), it's the most gentle way to lighten hair, and it's GORGEOUS on everyone! 

"Life is more beautiful with balayage

- Unknown

What's Next?

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