Start Living By Your Design

  • What if you had confidence in every decision that you made?

  • What if you started to accept yourself, even the parts you think are weird?

  • What if you knew how you transmitted and received energy to and from other people?

The ultimate form of self-care is learning more about yourself and Human Design helps you do with that.

What is it?

Human Design is an energetic blueprint, an operation manual for your mind and body by helping you become aware of your energy and how to utilize it. This information is transformational!

Human Design uses astrology, Kabbalah, i Ching, the Chakra system, and quantum mechanics to create your personalized chart. It offers insights into who you are, your strengths, opportunities for growth, a strategy for making correct decisions, and more so, that you can start living the life you've always dreamed of! 

Get Your Chart!

You can go to or to get your free Human Design chart now! After you get your chart, feel free to DM me a pic of your chart on Instagram and I'll give you some insight!

The beautiful thing about Human Design is that it celebrates diversity. It will help you accept who you are, every single part of you, and learn how to live by your design and experience satisfaction, success, peace, and delight! 

What Will You Get Out Of Human Design?

  1. Build massive confidence by accepting yourself

  2. Discover insights into your strengths, areas for growth, and how to start embracing them

  3. Learn how to make correct decisions for you

  4. Become aware of how you interact with others on an energetic level

  5. Remember and recognize how freaking amazing and unique you really are! 

Over The Course Of Our Sessions In The Salon

You will learn:

  • What your energetic aura type is

  • How to make decisions confidently

  • How to know when something is right for you in the world aka the green light

  • Your internal and external personality and how that affects your clients

  • How you transmit and receive energy to and from others 

  • How to manifest in the best way for you

My Human Design

This is my chart! I'm a Manifesting Generator (35% of the population) with a Sacral Authority. I'm designed to wait for the universe to bring me people, places, and things that turn my sacral on.

I've got a 6/2 Profile which is the Influencer and Wise One. My Solar Plexus is open which makes me very empathetic, I can feel your emotions when you're with me.

I'll always see you at your highest good, help you realize that it's okay to be you and receive support, learn how to forgive, and let go of the past. I can see all sides to a story and am sensitive to the needs of others.

Book Your 1:1 Session Now!

If you want to learn more, I offer 60 min Zoom Sessions to learn about your Human Design. Check out the link below to learn more and book your session!